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Now the biggest doesn't necessarily mean the best, but size does matter when you're trying to rip it up in an overcrowded warehouse. Here are Planet teeBone's biggest skateparks.
Woodward's Training facilities are constantly improved to provide the ultimate in cutting edge terrain. It's one of the largest and comprehensive facilities in the world. They have 5 buildings, an indoor (60,000 sq. ft.) and outdoor (200,000 sq. ft.) skate area with 11' x 112' vert ramp, multi-level 8' to 7' spine mini ramp, 100' x 120' street area with flat banks, pyramid ramps, 16' x 66' spine ramp, 20' x 36' mini-ramp, indoor bowls are included with a 6' x 32' mini ramp.

This park is huge and truly impressive. It used to be Magic Skatepark, and has now reopened and better than ever. They have concrete bowls and banks, mini ramps and street courses.
This place has everything you want in a skatepark. It contains an 80-foot-wide vert ramp with cement decks, three cement bowls with metal coping, and two enormous street courses. The indoor course is wooden and plyed with Finnish birch, and the outside course is concrete. Both have rails, pyramids, ledges, quarterpipes and banks. The park is nestled in an Orange Country mall with three skateshops.

They have what they think is the most outrageous state of the art indoor skatepark ever built. At just under 32,000 square feet of covered space they have created a series of quarters, halves, wedges, rails, boxes, and other stuff.

This state-of-the-art skate park features an 80 foot wide by 12 foot high vert ramp connected to a wooden bowl with a 10 feet deep end and a 6 foot shallow end. It also has a 24 foot wide by 4 foot high spine ramp, a 24' x 6' high half pipe, a full street course with rails, bank ramps, hips, slider boxes, 12' high vert wall, quarter pipes and even a "tot-lot" for little kids.

This indoor skatepark has miniramps, street courses, and vertical ramps. It takes full advantage of the size and shape of it's space. With it's laid back atmosphere, this park feels more like a friend's private warehouse rather than a skatepark.

This skate park features: 16' wide vert wall, 20' wide slant wall, 16' wide x 7' high quarter pipe, 16' wide x 6' high flat bank, 5 different kinked & flat ground rails, 8 different transition to the center fun box, 3' high speed bump with curved ledge, 16' wide x 5' high mini ramp, 18' wide x 6.5' high mini ramp, 11.5' high x 32' wide vert ramp with 8' decks. It also has benches, cement curbs, giant garbage cans, hand rails, a rolled hip to fun box, a "kiddy" spine ramp, and a foam pit.

Located in the historic section of Asbury Park, this complex resides in "the Carousel" - a historical building constructed in 1929 on the boardwalk of Asbury Park. The building features ceilings ranging from 14 to 60 feet which tower over the building's more than 30,000 square feet. This complex features a full street course offering multiple wedges, fly-boxes, and grind rails. Mini-Training Ramp, Mini-Fun Ramp, and a Kidney Bowl 6' high by 40' wide.

This "Extreme" skate park is a 29,000 sq. ft. indoor warehouse with 2 half pipes (56'wide vert ramp, 50' wide 4' tall mini with a hip, channel and spine to the street course) and a wooden bowl. Also featured is the 15,000 sq. ft. street courses with banks, bowl corners, ledges, pyramid, fun boxes, and handrails. Last but not least, a 3,000 sq. ft. beginner area.
Open  everyday except Tuesday. This is an indoor facility and contains a half pipe, a big pyramid, 5 quarter pipes, a street spine, 2 high banks, and 2 fly boxes.

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